Getting Started

Understanding our API Keys

As a user of Scoby Analytics, you play a pivotal role in maintaining the security and efficiency of your data interactions. Whether you manage one or multiple workspaces, understanding the distinct purposes and management of License Keys and Access Keys is essential. Here’s a concise guide to help you navigate and optimize the use of these keys within Scoby Analytics.

What is a License Key?

The License Key is a unique identifier tied specifically to each of your workspaces. It is primarily used for securely sending data into Scoby Analytics. This key ensures that the data from your web applications or servers is transmitted securely to your designated workspace.

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It's important to keep your License Key secure and only use it in server-side environments to prevent unauthorized access.

What is an Access Key?

The Access Key, tied to your user account, allows you to retrieve data from the workspaces you have permissions to access. This key is critical for securely fetching analytics data, which can be used for generating reports, building dashboards, or conducting further analysis.

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Key Differences and Best Practices

Here are some essential distinctions and security practices to remember:

  • Binding: Your License Key is workspace-specific, and used for ingesting data into Scoby Analytics, whereas your Access Key is user-specific, and used for data retrieval across assigned workspaces via the Scoby Analytics API or the Scoby Analytics Looker Studio Connector.
  • Security: Both keys should be treated as sensitive information. Secure storage and appropriate usage (License Key for data input and Access Key for data retrieval) are mandatory to prevent data breaches and misuse.

As you manage your workspaces within Scoby Analytics, the proper handling of both your License and Access Keys not only ensures the integrity of your data flows but also upholds our commitment to secure and privacy-respecting data analytics. Always follow the best practices for each type of key and refer back to our detailed documentation if you need further guidance. This proactive approach will enhance your analytics capabilities while safeguarding your data assets.

Choosing Your Integration