Server-side SDKs

Integrate Scoby Analytics with Fastly

Embark on a seamless journey to enhance your Fastly-powered site with the power of Scoby Analytics. By weaving in our VCL snippet, you can effortlessly combine swift web performance with ethical analytics. Dive into the steps below and let's get started!


You need your License Key and Salt to use our Fastly SDK.

Install the VCL Snippet

  • Download the Scoby Analytics VCL Snippet from Github

  • Locate and replace the placeholders in the provided snippet:

    set var.apiKey = "your_api_key_here";
    set var.salt = "your_generated_salt_here";

    Replace your_api_key_here with the License Key you obtained earlier and your_generated_salt_here with the salt you generated.

  • Add the modified code to your Fastly service configuration. This allows you to log request details for the specified workspace.

Done 🚀

Once you've added the VCL snippet to your Fastly configuration, it should start sending data to your Scoby Analytics workspace. Review the incoming data on the Scoby Analytics dashboard to ensure everything's set up correctly.

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